FibrePro Cattle 20

20% Protein

Boost productivity, immunity & fertility


Weatherised and highly paletable

Improved Productivity

Ensures effective utilisation of pasture

FibrePro 20 Cattle

A highly weatherised trace mineral and vitamin supplement designed to deliver additional protein to grazing cattle. It works to promote microbial fermentation and increase dry matter intake.

FibrePro 20 Cattle – the answer for protein supplementation

This unique formulation works to boost productivity, immunity & fertility. Containing 20% protein the supplement also delivers a sustained release of Biuret, which prevents the build-up of ammonia in the blood, reducing the risk of urea toxicity.

FibrePro is a weatherised product and highly palatable supplement that increases digestability of forage. It works to create a healthier rumen, increasing the absorbtion of vitamins and minerals. The product also stimulates livestock appetite and encourages a higher intake of feed, ensuring your pastures are more efficiently utilised.

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20% Protein
Protein Supplement for Cattle
Promote microbial fermentation and increase dry matter intake

Crude Protein, min%20.00
Equivelant Crude Protein, min%20.00
Poly-urea max%7.50
Salt (NaCl), max %30.00
Calcium (Ca) %15.00
Magnesium (Mg) min. %3.50
Phosphorous (P) %3.00
Sulphur (S) min%1.00
Zinc (Zn) minppm2,550.00
Manganese (Mn), min. ppm1900.00
Copper (Cu) ppm740.00
Iodine (I), min. ppm90.00
Cobalt (total) (Cu), minppm27.00
Selenium (Se), min. ppm18.0
Vitamin A IU/kg270,000.00
Vitamin D IU/kg12350.00
Vitamin E IU/kg270.00

Mature Pasture/ Year round depending on location

Provide free-choice in secure, well-drained containers located near known feeding and/or watering points. Average daily intakes typically vary (50—150 g/d) and will fluctuate in accordance with animal size, dietary quality, and production status.

Calcium carbonate, Poly-urea (biuret), Salt, Magnesium oxide, Mono-calcium phosphate, vegetable protein meal, Molasses, Petrolatum, Elemental sulphur, copper proteinate, Manganese sulphate, Zinc sulphate, Copper sulphate, Sodium selenite, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Potassium iodide, Cobalt carbonate.

No, the unique formulation of WeatherPro products makes it weatherized, which mitigates the effects of spoiling in grazing environments.

Allow 50-150g/hd/d.

Feed out in secure well drained containers or troughs.

The weatherproof formula contains slow release NPN, vitamins and minerals.


When is it best to use FibrePro?

FibrePro can be used year round where the grazing conditions call for a protein supplement, but the area is inaccessible for the Anipro truck. FibrePro offers a similar nutritional solution in a loose-lick formulation that is resistant to wet weather.

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