WeatherPro Platform

Lameness Prevention

Actively strengthens hoof keratin with organic zinc & biotin

Improved Immune Response

Improved hoof repair and reduced infection

Weatherised & Highly Palatable

A weatherised mineral supplement suitable for both sheep and cattle

WeatherPro Platform for Cattle & Sheep

Designed to develop strong hooves. WeatherPro Platform is a highly waterproof and palatable mineral and vitamin supplement with extra Organic Zinc and biotin. Zinc and biotin together form strong and supple hooves.

WeatherPro Platform – the answer for lameness

Cows are asked to walk many kilometres each day in the Australian dairy industry, so it’s important to give these animals the support they need to maintain healthy hooves. There are key periods when this can be done. The dry period is an ideal time to supplement cows with extra minerals and focus on hoof health.

Lameness causes cows to drop off in production and it will have an impact on reproduction. It’s therefore important to use periods like the dry period to focus on preventative measures to ensure hoof health. A proactive approach will not only see less lameness but more profitable, higher-performing healthy cows.

WeatherPro Platform works to support stock that are suffering from sore feet, helping to fight infection and strengthen the keratin within the hoof with sore feet. Based off WeatherPro GP with the added benefit of organic copper, organic zinc and biotin to form strong and supple hooves and maintain cattle and sheep immune systems.

It is a proven performer in both cattle and sheep where they are prone to lameness or susceptible to foot problems.

  • Organic Zinc to promote hoof repair
  • Biotin to strengthen hooves in wet conditions
  • Decreases lameness and foot rot in sheep and cattle
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WeatherPro Platform provides both sheep and cattle effective protection from lameness during both wet and dry conditions. It's unique formulation leverages zinc and biotin which when working together assist in building strong hooves and an improved immune reposonse. In addition the product is weatherproof and highly palatable.

Salt (NaCl), max %32.00
Salt (NaCl), max %30.00
Calcium (Ca) %16.00
Magnesium (Mg) min. %2.75
Phosphorous (P) %1.00
Sulphur (S) min. %0.90
Zinc (Zn) totalppm4,400
Zinc (Zn), methionine chelateppm1,600
Manganese (Mn), min. ppm2,500
Biotin, minppm200.00
Iodine (I), minppm100.00
Copper (Cu) min ppm980.00
Iodine (I), min. ppm100.00
Copper (Cu) min (organic)ppm63.00
Cobalt (Co), min ppm35.00
Selemium (Se), min. ppm24.00
Vitamin E IU/kg445.00
Vitamin A IU/kg110,000.00
Vitamin D3 IU/kg11,000.00

Use year round especially in dairy cattle, during particularly wet and dry conditions for sheep and grazing cattle.

Provide free-choice in secure, well-drained containers located near known feeding and/or watering points. Intake will fluctuate in accordance with animal size, diet quality and production status. Allow 50-150 grams/day (cattle); 20-80 grams/day (sheep).

Precautions: Minerals such as copper, cobalt, selenium, and manganese compete with each other for metabolically important processes in the animal. Users should seek veterinary advice before treatment.

Calcium carbonate, salt, Vegetable Protein, Magnesium oxide, Dicalcium phosphate, Molasses, Petrolatum, Sodium Saccharine, Zinc methionine, Manganese sulphate, Zinc sulphate, Sodium selenite, Copper glycinate, Vitamin A (Retinol), Biotin, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3, Potassium iodide, Cobalt carbonate.

No, the unique formulation of WeatherPro products makes it weatherized, which mitigates the effects of spoiling in grazing environments.

The active ingredients including Zinc and Biotin work to improve overall hoof strength.

Feed out in secure well drained containers or troughs

No, whilst the product is suited to use in dairy herds year-round, it is also beneficial when used on sheep and beef livestock that are experiencing either periods of extended wet or dry conditions and their hoof health may become compromised.


When is it best to use WeatherPro Platfrom?

Integrate this product into your dairy operation year-round for improved hoof health, immune response to infections and mik yeild. It is also beneficial during extended dry or wet conditions in both grazing cattle and sheep to prevent lameness.

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