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Quality Assurance Statements and Objectives

Performance Feeds is committed to being a leading provider of quality liquid feed supplements to the beef, sheep and dairy industries of Australia.

We recognise that quality relies not only in our product but also in the service that we provide to our customers.

In achieving and maintaining this goal, we recognise that quality relies not only in our product but also in the service that we provide to our customers. In satisfying our customers’ needs we are rewarded by their good will and thus ensuring future prosperity.

We believe that these objectives are best achieved by maintaining a quality management system meeting the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Systems. This is supplemented by the HACCP Plan developed to ensure food safety.

We also have met the requirements of FeedSafe®, a Quality Assurance Programme for the Australian stock feed manufacturing industry. This certificate recognises that our products are manufactured with quality requirements specified within the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for the Feed Milling Industry, which has Commonwealth Primary Industries Ministerial Council endorsement.

As part of our Quality Assurance Program, we will continue to:

  • Involve all staff in quality management;
  • Use continual communication and analysis to better understand our customers’ needs;
  • Provide education and training for staff so that they accept responsibility for quality;
  • Continually review all our systems and procedures for opportunities to improve;
  • Seek suppliers who share the same commitment to quality and insist at all times on its unfailing delivery.
  • Summary of Quality Assurance Accreditations


ISO is an internationally recognized system that helps people to manage their business effectively through a systematic and planned approach by:

  • defining management commitment and responsibility
  • focusing on customers and their satisfaction
  • planning and defining responsibilities of personnel, authorities and clear communication paths
  • providing and managing adequate and appropriate physical, human and infrastructure resources
  • planning the actual operational production in the most effective way
  • establishing effective controls and procedures for purchasing and control of production and service in a way that ensures identification and traceability and preservation of product at optimum quality
  • controlling monitoring and measuring devices so that accuracy is assured
  • measuring, monitoring, analysing and improving the system through activities such as internal audits, measuring customer satisfaction, controlling non-conforming product and carrying out corrective and preventive action.
  • staff training and development

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A HACCP system is an internationally recognised system that is designed to assess food safety risks throughout the food chain and establish systems to manage the risks. Its importance is its role in supporting the production of food that is safe for human consumption.

Performance Feeds has this system in place as part of its commitment to establishing the highest possible standards as a producer integrated in the food chain



FeedSafe® is a program aimed at increasing the commitment of the Australian stock feed industry to quality assurance and risk mitigation in the manufacture and use of animal feeds. The SFMCA through FeedSafe® has recognised the need for a broader industry approach to feed and food safety and is providing greater security of supply to Australia’s livestock industries. Feed manufacturers are required to implement HACCP as part of their accreditation.

Performance Feeds is certified to demonstrate compliance with industry best practice and its commitment to manufacture quality product.

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