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Cattle producer Phil Marheine shares his experience and results from using Performance Feeds Anipro

Hear how Performance Feeds Anipro Distributor, Paul Simpson from Coolatai Rural delivers Anipro liquid supplements to Willow Tree cattle producer, Phillip Marheine to generate great results in his herd year-round.

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Arthur Dingle – Cattle Producer from Mount Perry, QLD

Arthur Dingle is known to many Queenslanders as part of the well known Dingle wood chopping fraternity. While Arthur is well known as a competitive axeman, he also has an enviable reputation as a producer of quality live...

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Neil and David Allen – Sheep Producers from Mitiamo, VIC

Hear from Neil and David Allen, mixed operation producers from Mitiamo, VIC, who supplement their stock with Anipro.

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Ian & Sue Harrison – Cattle Producers from Cedar Vale, QLD

Hear from Ian and Sue Harrison, cattle producers from Cedar Vale, QLD.

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