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Arthur Dingle - Mount Perry, QLD

Arthur Dingle is known to many Queenslanders as part of the well known Dingle wood chopping fraternity. While Arthur is well known as a competitive axeman, he also has an enviable reputation as a producer of quality livestock.

Arthur is well aware of the benefits of supplementing livestock to optimise production and had been using lick blocks for over 20 years. While looking into supplement options at Rockhampton Beef Week some years ago, Arthur became interested in Anipro and decided to give it a trial.

Arthur believes that he is getting double the return on investment by using Anipro as compared to lick blocks, mainly through improved calving and the stock coming away better in spring. His calving rate has improved 10% to 12% per year since changing to Anipro. The stock clean up quickly after winter and put on condition readily.

The safety of Anipro and the convenience of full service are huge advantages. Arthur believes that a gainfully employed person simply does not have the time to be putting out supplements when a professional can do the job more effectively and in a very cost effective and safe manner.

Arthur has found that Anipro is an excellent supplement to use on his bulls when they are spelling and getting ready for next season.


“Since Changing to Anipro, our calving rate has improved 10 to 12%. Our stock maintains much better condition through winter, clean up and go ahead quicker, once the season breaks.”

– Arthur Dingle

Arvale, Mount Perry, QLD

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