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We focus on 5 key beliefs in the development of our Culture: People, Products, Passion, Programs and Productivity.

Culture & Character

In today’s world, I am amazed at people and their propensity to be rude and mean…


I see it on the road in the way people drive, I see it in gatherings where people push and shove and show a general lack of respect, I see it on airplanes and in airports where people only think about themselves and I see it in the way political candidates in the US treat each other and the electorate in their speeches, debates and general rhetoric.

In the 25 years since starting Anipro in the US and 22 years since starting Performance Feeds in Australia, we have worked very hard to build a culture and character that our company, distributors, dealers and customers can be proud of.  While some companies will treat their customers as accounts and numbers, Performance Feeds has always tried to look past the business aspect and focus on the customer relationship, treating all with respect and dignity.   Many times not everyone will feel that we have accomplished this objective, but I can assure you that the Culture and Character of Performance Feeds is considered to by our greatest asset and internally we spend the majority of our time trying to foster a positive, mutually beneficial relationship between the “blue shirts w/ the PF logo” and all those we come in contact with, specifically our distributors, dealers and customers.

Character is “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual”.  This is our personality, nature or disposition.  Culture on the other hand, is “a way of life of a group of people – the behaviors, beliefs and values that they accept, generally without thinking about them and that are passed on by communication example”.

Of course, a company’s culture is made up of individuals and their character.  At Performance Feeds we have tried very hard to mold the character of many people to present a corporate culture that all can be proud of.  Do we always succeed?  Not hardly, but I do believe that we succeed much more than we fail because we continuously strive to focus on 5 key beliefs in the development of this Culture:


As we move through future newsletters, I will lay out each aspect of this culture and do my best to explain for everyone’s benefit; what, why and how we approach these attributes and beliefs of our Culture.  Next AniproGram discussion:  The Foundation of Performance Feeds’ Culture:  People & Products.

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