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Larnder Park Steer Trial

“We see the benefits in Anipro in our weight gains, general health of the steers and carcase quality, including a reduction in dark cutting of the steers at processing.”


From June to November 2023, Lardner Park, VIC, conducted its annual steer trial. The trial included 68 steers. Performance Feed’s Anipro liquid supplement was used as part of the trial, for the second year running. 

As the trial was grass based, the impacts and benefits of Anipro amongst the steers was not quantifiably measured, however it showed that Anipro had a positive impact on the overall health of the steers.  The trial yielded a consistent overall average daily weight gain of 1.24kgs across the board and showed that over the five separate weigh-ins, no steer dipped below its previous weight, resulting in  constant growth.  

Anthony Willems, Lardner Park Property Manager stated “While the trial is grass based, we can relax knowing that Anipro will protect the cattle from mineral deficiencies such as grass tetany. We see the benefits in Anipro in our weight gains, general health of the steers and carcase quality, including a reduction in dark cutting of the steers at processing.” 

Anipro supplements are not used to replace feed sources, but rather to complement the feed and boost the potential of its nutrients. It effectively stimulates livestock to eat more forage whilst also providing the added assistance of digestion. Anipro improves forage intake from 10 per cent to 27 per cent in most pasture conditions. By balancing essential nutrients and optimizing rumen function, Anipro supplements help to maintain consistent growth paths, minimise weight loss and improve both meat and milk production, driving an animal’s production to its full potential. 

Willems further added “We are a huge advocate of Anipro due to the health benefits, overall performance and calming effect it has on our steers. The steers arrive on the property from many different regions and properties in the depths of winter. We find Anipro helps the steers adapt and settle to their new environment and provide them with the necessary nutrients for them to prosper.” 

The trial conducted by Lardner Park in 2023 provided valuable insights into the benefits of Performance Feed’s Anipro liquid supplement for steer health and performance. Despite the challenges of measuring impacts in a grass-based trial, the consistent positive outcomes in regards to weight gain and temperament suggest significant advantages. The supplement’s ability to improve forage intake, balance essential nutrients, and optimise rumen function has positively influenced the results of the trial. The trial results indicate that Anipro supplements not only support the steers’ health and growth but also improves carcass quality, highlighting its potential as a valuable addition to livestock nutrition programs.  

To find out how you can introduce Anipro Supplements into your livestock nutrition program reach out to your local territory manager here 

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