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For producers looking to reduce the methane output of their livestock, Performance Feeds’ organic nutritional supplement OrganiPro contains key ingredients that aid in the reduction of methane emissions, while also creating more productive feed utlisation.

Performance Feed’s Organic Supplement Key to Carbon Neutral 2030 for Livestock Producers

With the Australian Red Meat and Livestock Industry’s Carbon Neutral target set for 2030, it’s becoming increasingly important for producers to implement practices into their livestock program that will help to reduce methane emissions. One of the first steps producers can take to reduce their livestock’s methane emissions is through the introduction of nutritional supplements to the feed programs of their livestock. This is where producers are turning to OrganiPro.

“We’ve seen fantastic results since OrganiPro was released onto the market, and we’re pleased to offer supplements that aid in the reduction of methane emissions, while also improving production and profitability for producers,” says Performance Feeds National Sales Manager, Peter Cush.

“It’s important for producers to know that they can continue to work towards carbon reduction targets, without compromising on peak livestock productivity and performance. In fact evidence suggests that reducing methane must be accompanied by production gains for a strategy to be economically successful.”

For Performance Feeds, their goal is to ensure they produce quality, nutritional supplements that suit the needs of any operation. OrganiPro is a key example of this.

Certified by Australian Organic, OrganiPro is a highly palatable, loose lick nutritional supplement that has been designed to boost livestock production systems and contains key ingredients to achieve this.

OrganiPro has been formulated to promote frame growth in cattle, by maintaining their intake of phosphorous for energy metabolism. OrganiPro contains phosphorous, calcium and magnesium, critical macro minerals that will promote frame and bone growth. Supporting the macro minerals are trace vitamins and minerals that will boost productivity and reproduction.

Another key ingredient, Agolin, has been included in the OrganiPro formula to aid in the reduction of methane output in grazing cattle year-round by optimising the function of the rumen. University trial data has found that Agolin will also improve feed efficiency, weight gain and cow milk output, while also reducing methane output by about 10-14%.

According to the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD), methane emissions in livestock represent a gross energy loss from feed intake of about 10%. The potential exists to partition this into productive outcomes. Based on this, the implementation of quality nutritional supplementation not only improves farm sustainability, but overall livestock productivity.

Incorporating Performance Feeds nutritional supplements into the year-round nutrition program of livestock ensures producers can move towards carbon neutral targets without sacrificing the productivity of their stock.

Australian Organic has certified OrganiPro as a ‘Certified Allowed Input’ that can be used on properties certified to the National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce Standards. OrganiPro has also been assessed and found compliant with the USDA National Organic Program and NOP.

To learn more about how Performance Feeds’ organic nutrition supplement can help improve your livestock program, speak to your local Territory Manager.

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