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Wilga Kummerow - Cattle Producer from Pitsworth, QLD

Wilga Kummerow was one of the very first to use Anipro in Australia, and was so impressed with the results that she has had Anipro available to her cattle 12 months of the year ever since. Wilga describes the results she has achieved with Anipro as improved weight gains, improved pasture utilisation, and better herd health.

Wilga sees the convenience, consumption control, labour saving, safety, and cost effectiveness of the full service with Anipro as a huge advantage when compared to home mixed supplements.

Wilga is a consisten winner in prime steer classes, rarely missing the champion ribbon. The first prize pen of six steers and ultimate grand champion pen of steers at the 2009 Royal National Association Brisbane Show were supplemented with Anipro.


“I started using Anipro in 1994 and I have had it consistently in front of my cattle ever since. The stock are always fit and healthy, and we rarely have a sick animal.”

– Wilga Kummerow

Taronga, Pitsworth, QLD

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