You can’t take the variability out of the seasons. Would weatherproof your supplement help?

Cattle bred with modern genetics need high quality nutrition. Year on year changes in weather pattern make it hard to consistently produce a high-quality product.

Whether you specialise in milk or meat production, the requirement for optimum nutrition never goes away. Valuable animals need quality nutrition every day to perform at their best. The difference between the worst, the average and the top animals usually comes down to their diet.

Micro Elements has Macro Effects

Small things make the difference between mediocre and optimal performance. Some of the nutrients essential for cattle are not required by plants. To make sure grazing livestock have everything they need in their diet, supplementation is absolutely necessary.

Vitamins and minerals are most required in small amounts. Their presence in the diet is important. An observed trace nutrient deficiency can be rectified by nutritional management. Good management however, prevents deficiencies. Good supplements utilised strategically with good feeding makes good management more efficient.

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WeatherPro for Beef

WeatherPro – convenience and versatility

WeatherPro for Beef Cattle Production

Grazing beef cattle seem to be robust because of their large bodyweight. However, when they experience a severe nutrient deficiency, they quickly lose weight. Minor nutrient deficiencies are just as dangerous. A few of the problems beef cattle and cattle producers face are:

  • Failed Conceptions
  • Early Abortions
  • Diminished Weight Gain
  • Increased herd Sickness

History and experience shows that continuous, long term supplementation of vitamins and minerals lifts beef cattle performance and business efficiency. Removing the variation in pasture nutrient quality helps cattle hold condition over lean times and rapidly respond and perform when good feed is available. 

Efficient Production

WeatherPro – Makes Efficient Production Easy

WeatherPro introduces a new era in convenient, free-choice mineral and vitamin supplements. Based on a highly-weatherproof and palatable ‘loose lick’ format, WeatherPro products offset the risks and infrastructure costs associated with alternative grazing supplements, yet ensure a high level of intake consistency and efficacy in free-choice applications.

WeatherPro – Integrated Supplement Solutions

To help you get the balance right, WeatherPro is available in a full spectrum of high-quality supplements, giving you a strategic, year-round approach to animal nutrition. Even better, WeatherPro is affiliated with Anipro Liquid Supplement programs, the recognised leader in animal nutritional products.

Professional Support

WeatherPro – Professional Support.

As an affiliate of the Anipro Liquid Supplement Program, WeatherPro is linked to one of Australia’s largest networks of full-service supplement providers.

Our TimeWise nutrition programs based on the WeatherPro and Anipro Range, offer strategic supplementation solutions addressing year round production inefficiencies.

TimeWise Nutrition

Locally-based field technicians, and extensive network of partnered rural retail stores, understand the issues and challenge you face. They provide the right advice you need to get the most out of your livestock.

The WeatherPro-Anipro partnership brings unparalleled levels of support and know-how to your grazing enterprise.


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