Timewise Nutrition

TimeWise Nutrition for Sheep

  • Two high quality supplements -  Anipro® + WeatherPro®
  • Unlimited program possibilities – Flexible supplementation solutions
  • Tailored to your requirements – You take control: year-round
  • Efficient, effective & proven results – Reliable livestock nutrition
  • Long-term livestock benefits – Your peace of mind

When to ChooseAnipro for Sheep CMYK

For profitable sheep production, timing is important.

Efficient supplementation means getting the right nutrient to the right animal at the right time.

TimeWise Nutrition programs combine the latest nutritional research with the time-proven practically of traditional supplementation methods.

How Does TimeWise Nutrition Work?
Performance Feeds TimeWise Nutrition programs are uncomplicated, effective and economical.

Two products, Anipro® and WeatherPro®, provide all of your sheep’s nutritional supplement requirements.

Choose Anipro when:

Pasture digestibility and soluble protein does not support target animal performance and rumen efficiency needs assistance.

Choose WeatherPro when:WeatherPro

Pasture protein and digestibility is adequate for target animal performance and extra trace nutrients will assist animal health and productivity.

TimeWise Nutrition Programs

Combine all the requirements of practical, efficient and flexible beef production programs:

  • High quality nutrients
  • Palatable formulas
  • Intake regulation
  • High safety margin
  • Delivery and monitoring service
  • Weather resistance
  • Feed, faecal and pasture testing/interpretation
  • Technical support

TimeWise Breeding

The single most important determinant of conception rate is nutrition. High condition score (CS) ewes conceive more lambs.1 Maintaining a high CS (3), rather than feeding for increased CS, results in better fertitlity.1

Appropriate condition score (3) for 8 weeks prior to joining and maintenance of CS through to lambing; adequate vitamin and mineral status.

Key Supplement Events:

8-10 weeks pre-joining through to confirmed pregnancy
Benefits: Stimulation of rumen activity and DM intake; improved follicular activity and fertility.

Trimester 1 and 2
Benefits: Boost ewe immunity reproductive diseases; improved lamb parasite tolerance and resistance, improved fertility of progeny.

Trimester 3
Benefits: Boost animal vigour for reduction in lambing difficulties; improved colostrum quality/ lamb survivability, increase wool fibre production and diameter in progeny.

TimeWise Lambs & Weaners

Poor ewe nutrition depresses colostrum production and quality, which is one of the greatest causes of lamb deaths. Lambs exposed to supplements prior to weaning are more likely to feed well as adults. Increasing lamb growth rate by 0.25-0.5 kg/month increases survival rate by 74%.

Minimum 90% lamb survival (singles); maximum ewe milk yield and lamb growth rate/ weaning weight.

Key Supplement Events:

4 Weeks pre-lambing
Benefits: Maintenance of dam feed intake; preparation of muscle, organs and udder, improved lactation and high quality colostrum.

For 10 – 12 Weeks post lambing
Benefits: Increased milk yield and reduction in mastitis, improved lamb weight gain and immune status; lamb initiated to supplementation behaviour.

Benefits: Replace electrolytes (K, MG, Na, Ca) after removing milk; stimulation of eating and drinking; support of stressed immune system; presence of familiar red trough.