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Timewise Nutrition

What is TimeWise Nutrition?

Whether its for a short-time or a life-time, at some stage your stock will need nutritional help.

TimeWise Nutrition programs are custom designed for you, so your stock perform at their peak, and you have peace of mind.

Taking into account local conditions, animal requirements and your production goals, a supplementation program can be designed with your financial and time budget in mind.

Designed to promote animal health, whole farm productions and business profitability. TimeWise Nutrition programs can be as flexible as you want them to be.

Reliable trained support staff with extensive practical experience help you to design the programs you and your stock need!

Round the Clock Care for your Livestock.

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  • Palatable formula suits all ages of livestock
  • Rumen friendly protein for optimum digestion of any feed
  • High quality, balanced combination of essential trace nutrients
  • Palatable source of electrolytes for stressed or travelling stock
  • Consumption control at a paddock level
  • All labour and infrastructure provided


  • Rain and Wind proof technology
  • High quality palatable ingredients
  • Production oriented and balanced nutrient profile
  • Range of product for flexible supplementation goals
  • Developed according to animal intake behaviour

When to Choose

For profitable dairy production, timing is important. Efficient supplementation means getting the right nutrient to the right animal at the right time.

TimeWise Nutrition programs combine the latest nutrional research with the time-proven practicality of traditional supplementation methods.

How does TimeWise Nutrition work?

Performance Feeds TimeWise Nutrition programs are uncomplicated, effective and economical.

Two products, Anipro and WeatherPro, provide all of your cattleā€™s nutritional supplement requirements. 

Choose Anipro when:
Pasture digestibility and soluble protein does not support target animal performance and rumen efficiency needs assistance.

Choose WetherPro when:
Pasture protein and digestibility is adequate for target animal performance and extra trace nutrients will assist animal health and productivity.

TimeWise Nutrition Programs
Combine all the requirements of practical, efficient and flexible beef production programs:

  • High quality nutrients
  • Palatable formulas
  • Intake regulation
  • High safety margin
  • Delivery and monitoring service
  • Weather resistance
  • Feed, faecal and pasture testing/interpretation
  • Technical support