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A highly palatable loose lick, certified for
use as an allowable input in organic livestock
production systems, year-round!

Key Benefits
Boost frame and bone growth
Boost productivity and reproductivity
Boost feed efficiency
Reduce methane output


A standard grazing base is a valuable resource that supports ruminant production in beef cattle. The fermentation of volatile
fatty acids for energy and the production of microbial protein both allow conversion of low-quality forages into high value
outputs, and this underpins the value of a beef production. Yet no matter how great your pastures or forage is, there is
always going to be gaps in nutritional requirements, and this is why a producer is wise to fill in the gaps with a nutrition
supplement such as OrganiPro!

ACO Certified
Suitable for year-round production in grazing cattle, OrganiPro® contains Agolin® which aids methane reduction in
cattle and has been approved by ACO.

Macro minerals - for frame development
Beef producers won’t grow a frame without bones, and you won’t grow bones without the macro minerals
Calcium, phosphorous and magnesium. These are commonly low in quantity and availability in our forages, so OrganiPro,
helps to support frame capacity. Phosphorous for energy metabolism Phosphorous can be very low in some regions.
The first thing a phosphorus deficiency costs producers is energy metabolism and gain, even before they build frame.
No gain means no returns. Don’t neglect energy! Support better energy by using OrganiPro.

Trace vitamins and minerals - for productivity and reproductivity
The trace vitamins and minerals are crucial hinges around which both productive gain, and reproductive outcomes are built.
If producers want their growing stock to develop into fine saleable beasts, or want their cow herd to hit its best reproductive
indices, these trace vitamins and minerals must be addressed and kept in balance.

Salt - because they need it
Salt remains a crucial mineral. Unlike humans, cattle very often are short of salt in their diets, and benefit from supplementation.
Sodium and potassium work together to power nerve and muscle activity round the body.

True protein - allow rumen bugs to build more effectively
Producers love it when the rumen bugs grow as it’s the foundation of turning fodder into meat. Producers can increase
the rate at which these bugs can grow if they provide a small amount of true protein as the foundation for more rapid
microbial gain and turnover. It supports greater delivery of protein from the rumen to the intestine, and that invariably
means more productivity from home grown grazing.

Agolin - more optimal rumen function & less methane
Agolin is the chosen rumen modifier. Not only does Agolin have University trial data showing it improves feed efficiency,
weight gain and cow milk output, it has data showing it reduces methane output at the same time by around 10-14%. less methane.

Find out how you can leverage OrganiPro in your livestock management - contact your local Territory Manager