Restrict Increases Production


Restrict has increased production and saved time when grain feeding store cows.

Allan Ross & Netty Hamilton along with Ken & Annette Speed wanted to improve return on store cows they hadto offload during the 2013 drought. After many sums they decided that there was an economic advantage to fatten these cows on grain.  .  After turning over their own cows they saw an opportunity to purchase store cows out of the local cattle sale and continue supplementary grain feeding store cows in the paddock.

Allan & Ken continued buying store cows and cows and calves over the next couple of years.  The better quality PTIC cows and cow/calf pairs have been used to build their breeder numbers.  The bulk of the cows however were introduced to grain to start the fattening process which was a time consuming and labour intensive process. To prevent grain poisoning and sore feet, a two to three week period of hand feeding was followed, where cows were fed twice a day limit grain .  Grain poisoning (acidosis) will  ultimately leads to a loss of production and more time and money to treat sick animals.

In August 2015 the men decided to introduce Restrict into their grain feeding regime and have found many benefits since doing so.  Restrict is an intake inhibitor which controls an animals consumption by taste.  Only a small quantity of grain is eaten by the animal on its numerous trips to the self-feeder each day  These small and regular intakes allows the cows rumen to adjust quickly to the grain being introduced into their diet.  If there does happen to be the odd greedy cow that gorges through the taste barrier, the Restrict contains a buffer that will prevent acidosis and the cow will not have any ill effects.

Allan and Ken have found the use of Restrict to be of great benefit.  The time saving of hand feeding as an introduction to grain is only one of them.  The grain mix prepared by Cooloola Stock Feeds in Gympie, consist of a 50/50 hammer-milled wheat/barley mix with a four percent inclusion of Restrict (40kg/t) and a small amount of molasses for some dust control.  This mix is delivered to the self-feeder in the paddock.  Introducing cows to grain is as simple as letting the cows out onto the bin and letting the Restrict do its thing.  Cattle can be introduced without having to be segregated from cattle that have already been on the bin for a period of time.  Consumption rates of this mix has been approx. 4-5kg/hd/day.  Cattle are grazed on a recently renovated improved pasture on a rotational basis over four paddocks.  At all times they have access to dry roughage hay and Anipro is also available to complete a balanced nutritional diet for maximum production and feed utilisation and conversion.