Anipro is a Natural Supplement

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Regarding: Natural Beef Programs and supplement options

Progressively, consumers are demanding proof that products have been produced as claimed and are they are becoming more sensitive to treatments applied to meat. Therefore, meat processers have started offering additional options for cattle producers to market their beef. To assist producers who wish to participate in these programs, the people at Performance Feeds have scrutinised a nutritional supplements to meet this demand, and are currently on the Australian Grasslands Premium Beef Supplier of eligible Feeds and Supplements List.

To keep up with buying trends, and give beef producers a supported management option to meet the consumer’s preference, there are a number of systems available to sell into the “Natural Beef” supply chain. These are the Pasture-fed Cattle Assurance System (PCAS), developed and supported by Cattle Council of Australia, JBS Swift’s Great Southern beef label and Grassland brand developed by Teys Australia to name just a few. These systems have clear requirements that are audited by independent contractors. Beef cattle that comply with these systems are eligible to enter the “natural beef” supply chain. Some meat processors are offering bonus purchase prices as incentives to livestock sellers.

To assist producers who wish to participate in either of these systems, and supplement their cattle without concern of breaching the system’s requirements, Performance Feeds have decided to adjust the formulation of a range of our products. In particular for select distribution areas, Anipro Liquid Protein Supplement, has been re-formulated to remove any ingredients that are restricted by the PCAS or JBS system.

“We have taken this opportunity to review and revise all the ingredients and nutrients in Anipro. Anipro “Natural” is, like the original Anipro product, a balanced supplement designed to stimulate rumen activity and support growth, milk production and fertility.” Peter Cush the National Sales Manager for Performance Feeds explains.

Whether you do or do not participate in a “natural beef” program for your herd, Anipro and Performance Feeds can help you achieve your target markets in a timely manner.


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