Sheep Feedlot Concentrate

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Sheep Feedlot Concentrate

A basic feedlot mix for boosting weight gain in sheep is whole grain and some minerals. If consistent performance and efficient feed conversion is desired, some attention to the grain mix is necessary. Adding a rumen modifier maintains microbial efficiency. A rumen buffer will stabilise rumen pH. A balanced mineral addition supports the animal’s metabolism and can prevent metabolic disorders.

Requirement for grain-fed sheep
The domestic and export lamb markets require lambs at a set dentition and weight with criteria for fat cover and colour. Controlling the animal’s diet will ensure animal’s consistently meet the processor’s requirements.

The Meat Standards Australia (MSA) guidelines for eating quality recommend consistent liveweight gain to finish weight. If this can be achieved on pasture then that is OK. However, an energy dense supplement, like grain, will ensure that animal performance is efficient and positive.

Sheep Feedlot Concentrate
Performance Feeds’ concentrate is mixed at 40 kg per tonne of whole or cracked grain. The grain mix can be offered to sheep as a compliment to pasture, silage or good quality hay.


Bovatec® rumen modifier
• Bovatec® is registered for sheep to increase growth rate and efficiency of feed conversion.
• Bovatec® also reduces faecal shedding of coccidial species Eimeria in confined sheep
• Does not have a withholding period for sheep destined for domestic slaughter, nor an established ESI.

Effective rumen buffer
• Contains a strongly alkaline buffer that will stimulate salivation as well as mop up excess H+ ions.
• The combination of saliva and buffer restrict the depression of rumen pH and limit the chance of SARA#

• Rumen and intestinal contraction rely on muscle movement, which in turn relies on calcium.
• Balancing the calcium to the inherently high phosphorous in grain is important to ensure  effective absorption.

• A healthy nervous system is important for growing stock.  Magnesium reduces anxiety and supports dry matter intake. Trace minerals
• Rapid growth needs the support of a strong immune  system. Trace minerals are important for many  things, including immunity.
• Selenium and vitamin E work in conjunction as  antioxidants. Preventing oxidation at a cellular level  reduces inflammation and ensures quality carcass.

Product Use
Performance Feeds Sheep Feedlot Concentrate is added at a maximum rate of 40 kg per tonne of finished feed.

Suggested introduction and grow-out program.

Sheep feedlot Concentrate

Suggested Programs
Always include fresh, clean and cool water. Clean troughs regularly. Provide shade during hot days and wind-breaks during cold winds. Keep pen floors dry, clean and free of excess manure and dust. Incorporate Anipro liquid protein supplement, in an Anipro Sheep Trough, for improved performance. Separate lame, sick or pregnant animals and offer appropriate therapy.

Availability Bag size: 20 kg Pallet size: 1000 kg

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