Can minerals make a difference? Yes; and so can you.

May 2016 102 edit small short

As you and I age, we need more specialised nutrition. Fish oil for joints, vitamin D, calcium and magnesium for bones; vitamin B for energy and vitamin E and selenium for healthy tissue. There is lots of research to support this. High performance humans need extra attention too; pregnant ladies, growing adolescents and elite athletes. The same is true for our sheep and cattle.

Grazing animals with a good mineral mix in their diet perform better. They have stronger immune systems, transport easier are less prone to the effects of stress. There is also loads of research to support this.

Mineral supplementation is not a difficult nor expensive job. Keeping a supplement, like Anipro Liquid Supplement, in the paddock all year round. Stock will take a little every day. You will be surprised at the results on green grass, and you will be happy with the way they hang-on in the dry. Try it – I dare you. And while you’re at it – do the same for yourself. Your livestock rely on you.