Anipro is a Natural Supplement

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Regarding: Natural Beef Programs and supplement options

Progressively, consumers are demanding proof that products have been produced as claimed and are they are becoming more sensitive to treatments applied to meat. Therefore, meat processers have started offering additional options for cattle producers to market their beef. To assist producers who wish to participate in these programs, the people at Performance Feeds have scrutinised a nutritional supplements to meet this demand, and are currently on the Australian Grasslands Premium Beef Supplier of eligible Feeds and Supplements List.

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The Cycle


The Cycle

During a 12-month period, there are specific physiological stages a cow progresses through and certain opportunities, challenges and goals we need her to navigate to ensure we optimize our productivity, which simply stated is to produce a weaned calf every year. 

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Sheep Feedlot Concentrate

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Sheep Feedlot Concentrate

A basic feedlot mix for boosting weight gain in sheep is whole grain and some minerals. If consistent performance and efficient feed conversion is desired, some attention to the grain mix is necessary. Adding a rumen modifier maintains microbial efficiency. A rumen buffer will stabilise rumen pH. A balanced mineral addition supports the animal’s metabolism and can prevent metabolic disorders.

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Anipro 2017 Photo Challenge

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Win a V8 Supercar Experience on the Gold Coast

Anipro Photo Challenge is now on. Post a photo of you with your livestock, with the hashtag #AniproPhotoChallenge17  from now until 6am on the 6th of October for your chance to win.

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MaxPro and FlexiPro

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A top $ combination.

Stephen Pearce runs the Telpara Brangus Stud on the Atherton Tablelands of Far North Queensland. The program for his stud bulls prior to sale involves the use of Maxpro and Flexipro 80 from the time of weaning at approximately 6 to 8 months of age until the bulls are about 18 months old. In this time they grow from about 350/500 kg to 600/750 kg. Following this the bulls are finished on corn silage to weigh about 900 kg at a sale age of 24 months.

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Thoughts from 38,000 Feet (11,582 Meters)

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Back to the US

As I fly back to the US from my most recent trip to Australia, sleep won’t come as my mind is filled with thoughts from the past 10 days of travel, visiting with customers, attending meetings, visiting with our salespeople, Distributors, Dealers and staff, and generally immersing myself in the Australian Culture.  Following are some of my thoughts on this fantastic journey, just completed.

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Calculations... Supplement Vs Non Supplement

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Anipro’s recommended intake is 125ml/100kg of body weight with a minimum intake of 400ml.

You need to be sure that you are receiving a return on investment when using an all year round supplementation. Below we will show you how this can happen when supplementing with Anipro to improve herd production and health.

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Culture & Character

In today’s world, I am amazed at people and their propensity to be rude and mean...

I see it on the road in the way people drive, I see it in gatherings where people push and shove and show a general lack of respect, I see it on airplanes and in airports where people only think about themselves and I see it in the way political candidates in the US treat each other and the electorate in their speeches, debates and general rhetoric.

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The Sacrifice


Feeding of supplements in northern Australia can be somewhat challenging due to various factors such as size of properties, number of cattle and accessibility.

Supplementation is also a major cost in running large northern properties and most graziers are very conscious to keep cost under control.

George Booth of Booth Rural is an Anipro Distributor based in Townsville and covers an area north of the Flinders Highway to the southern Gulf and out to Cloncurry and Normanton. Following a timely visit by George to a jackaroo graduation day on a gulf pastoral property, George was asked to quote on feeding Anipro to several mobs of breeders. He was successful in getting this business and then began a rather arduous couple of months.

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Supplementation Compliments Genetic Improvement.


The Sandys run 450 Hereford base cows on 4 properties from Swifts Creek to The Gap near Omeo in a partnership between Peter and his uncle Jim. 

The altitude ranges from 300 – 800 metres above sea level.  The herd is split with 270 being pure Herefords and the balance being crossed with shorthorn bulls to produce the well-known roan cattle that are so sought after in the mountain calf sales every year during March.

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2016 Sales


Performance Feeds clients in Western Victoria welcome the support and interest that has been shown, since the start of the year, for their quality livestock that have been prepared and presented with the highest of integrity.

It all started on the first week into the New Year at Hamilton saleyards with the opening of the 2016 western district weaner sales, buyers from all over the eastern states attended making demand for quality well developed feeder cattle high and a very welcomed 80 to 100c/kg improvement from the same time last year.

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Restrict Increases Production


Restrict has increased production and saved time when grain feeding store cows.

Allan Ross & Netty Hamilton along with Ken & Annette Speed wanted to improve return on store cows they hadto offload during the 2013 drought. After many sums they decided that there was an economic advantage to fatten these cows on grain.  .  After turning over their own cows they saw an opportunity to purchase store cows out of the local cattle sale and continue supplementary grain feeding store cows in the paddock.

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Can minerals make a difference? Yes; and so can you.

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As you and I age, we need more specialised nutrition. Fish oil for joints, vitamin D, calcium and magnesium for bones; vitamin B for energy and vitamin E and selenium for healthy tissue. There is lots of research to support this. High performance humans need extra attention too; pregnant ladies, growing adolescents and elite athletes. The same is true for our sheep and cattle.

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The answer for Bloat Control in Livestock... is here!

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WeatherPro Prevent... the answer for Bloat Control

Cattle rely on microbial fementation to convert grass into energy. Gases are produced as a by-product of this fermentation. The gas is normally burped out; a process called eructation. When the burping process is disturbed, the rumen quickly fills with gas - leading to a whole lot of problems.

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