MaxPro is a liquid nutrition supplement for dairy or beef cattle, with built in flexibility and customised service options*.

 MaxPro offers the convenience of a liquid with superior palatability from molasses. Combined with essential vitamins, minerals(1) and organic zinc plus your choice of high energy or high protein; there is no other supplement like it.  MaxPro can also be made to order – designed to fit in with your nutritional management goals.

Molasses is useful for beef and dairy production. The sugar in molasses is easily fermented to energy for the animal. When molasses is combined with other nutrients it becomes a versatile product. At low to moderate intakes, molasses based mixes can:

  • replace a portion of the grain in formulated rations
  • reduce dust and combine trace ingredients
  • increase palatability and therefore intake
  • improve rumen function
  • enhance fibre digestion
  • lift the efficiency of converting feed to milk or meat
  • balance high soluble protein in improved pastures
  • control MFD (milk fat depression) on high PUFA pastures
  • offer many, many more production advantages.

  MaxPro offer molasses with added essential nutrients. The simplicity of a liquid makes storage, handling and mixing a breeze.  MaxPro can be dropped into the bale, pumped into a mixer, poured over hay or offered ad libitum in a feed trough.

 MaxPro has a variety of service options* to suit your farm management.  MaxPro can be delivered in small amounts onto farm into the paddock or into your tank. Bulk loads are also available.

Feeding Suggestions MaxPro
Bale – Early Lactation 1.5 – 2.0 kg / day
Bale– Mid/late Lactation 0.5 – 1.5 kg / day
Mixing wagon 4.0 – 4.5 %
Free access max 2.0 kg / d
Pour over hay bale 2.5 kg adds 1kg of sugar


MaxPro Analysis DL Jan15 Page 1

MaxPro Analysis DL Jan15 Page 2


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