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Feedlot Sup 1Specialists in Feedlot Supplements

Bringing Innovation to Livestock Nutritional Programs.

Performance Feeds has been custom formulating a complete range of feedlot supplements since 1994, which has brought a new era of feedlot supplementation to the Australian feedlot industry.

Liquid supplements based on by products such as molasses are formulated on proven feeding concepts developed in the United States, and refined in Australia for the local market. Liquid supplements have become the largest delivery form of essential nutrients in feedlot rations.

Australian feedlots have embraced this innovation as a superior method of incorporating essentials nutrients into feedlot rations in order to maximise performance.

Performance Feeds operates purpose built supplement plants to service the Australian feedlot industry. The manufacturing facilities are strategically located at Kingsthorpe on the Eastern Darling Downs in Queensland, Brandon in North Queensland, and Kyneton in Central Victoria. The geographic distribution of manufacturing facilities allows Performance Feeds to economically service feedlots in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

Feedlot Sup 2Benefits of Performance Feeds Liquid Supplements.

Custom Formulated Supplements

Performance Feeds offer a custom formulating service for feedlots. Supplements are individually formulated by their nutritionist to suit the feedlots own raw materials and livestock to ensure superior performance. Performance Feeds also offers full disclosure of its feedlot supplement formulas.

This service guarantees that feedlots understand the make up of supplement formulas and are not paying for any unnecessary ingredients.

Accurate Dispersion into Feedlot Rations.

Performance Feeds superior mixing and suspension techniques ensure all ingredients are evenly dispersed throughout the supplement. When applied to the ration a consistent end product is created so animals receive their essential daily requirements in order to perform to their maximum genetic ability.

Feedlot Sup 3Guaranteed Price Agreement

Due to long term relationships with suppliers, Performance Feeds is able to offer guaranteed pricing for set periods of time. This service provides feedlot operators with price security for this important ingredient.

Reducing Ration Fines 

Performance Feeds supplements utilise high levels of molasses as the base carriein their supplements. Molasses assists in the binding together of fine material caused by the processing of grains.

This reduction of fine material in feedlot rations, coupled with improved palatability from the taste of molasses leads to improved daily feed intakes and performance.

Time Management

Performance Feeds liquid supplements are easily stored, pumped and handled. Once storage and pumping systems are set up in a feedlot operation there is little or no on going costs, as supplement only has to be pumped from the tank into the mixer. There is no requirement for labour and machinery compared to using dry based supplements.

Feedlot Sup 4Feedlot Inventory & Quality Control 

The simplistic nature of storing and adding liquid supplements into feedlot mixing operations minimises waste and eliminates cross contamination. Due to supplement being stored in a designated storage system cross contamination is avoided and inventory is easy to measure, minimising inventory losses.

Performance Feeds offers service and advice to assist feedlot operators purchase equipment to ensure the correct storage and handling of liquid supplements.

Feedlot Sup 5Guaranteed Quality & Analysis 

Performance Feeds is a quality assured supplier with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015, HACCP and FeedSafe Accreditation.

Retention samples are routinely taken and tested by an independent laboratory after which all results are reported back to feedlot customers to guarantee product specification and quality.

Specialising in Liquid Supplements for the Feedlot Industry Performance Feeds is a ruminant specialist mixing facility. Unique mixing technology is utilised throughout all manufacturing facilities to ensure accuracy of finished products.

The feedlot and their nutritional consultant have the flexibility to decide on what ingredients can be added into Performance Feeds Suspension and Blend Supplements.