MaxPro and FlexiPro

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A top $ combination.

Stephen Pearce runs the Telpara Brangus Stud on the Atherton Tablelands of Far North Queensland. The program for his stud bulls prior to sale involves the use of Maxpro and Flexipro 80 from the time of weaning at approximately 6 to 8 months of age until the bulls are about 18 months old. In this time they grow from about 350/500 kg to 600/750 kg. Following this the bulls are finished on corn silage to weigh about 900 kg at a sale age of 24 months.

The Maxpro/Flexipro mixture is used to keep the young bulls moving forward while grazing irrigated tropical grass pastures of predominantly Setaria spp. The aim at this stage is to keep the bulls moving forward without excessively high growth rates.

The advantage of using the mixture of Maxpro and Flexipro 80 lies in the intake limiting effect the Flexipro 80 has being quite bitter. Initial mixing rates are 7:1 Maxpro to Flexipro and end up at about 1:1. The targeted consumption is about 2 kg/head/day.

Irrigated Setaria is a valuable pasture plant especially when grazed appropriately and provided with nitrogenous fertilizer. Crude protein content can reach 20% depending upon stage of growth and nitrogen fertilizer with crude protein digestibility ranging from 44-77%. Dry matter digestibility values can be around 70% in young leafy 3-week regrowth, but falling as plants mature.

MaxPro is a liquid nutrition supplement for dairy or beef cattle, with built in flexibility and customised service options.

MaxPro offers the convenience of a liquid with superior palatability from molasses. Maxpro contains essential vitamins, minerals and organic zinc plus it can be customised to provide high energy or high protein. MaxPro can also be made to order – designed to fit in with your nutritional management goals.

Molasses is useful for beef and dairy production. The sugar in molasses is easily fermented to energy for the animal. When molasses is combined with other nutrients it becomes a versatile product. It combines particularly well with Stephen’s highly productive Setaria based pastures with their high protein levels. At low to moderate intakes, molasses based mixes can:

• replace a portion of the grain in formulated rations
• reduce dust and combine trace ingredients
• increase palatability and therefore intake
• improve rumen function
• enhance fibre digestion
• lift the efficiency of converting feed to milk or meat
• balance high soluble protein in improved pastures

The simplicity of the Maxpro liquid makes storage, handling and mixing a breeze. MaxPro can be dropped into the bale, pumped into a mixer, poured over hay or offered ad libitum in a feed trough.

MaxPro has a variety of service options to suit your farm management. MaxPro can be delivered in small amounts onto farm, into the paddock or into your tank. Bulk loads are also available.

Flexipro 80 is a protein supplement with high intake control for cattle and contains the very safe Rumapro, a slow release form of urea which is used very efficiently by rumen bacteria. Combined with a great mineral profile it represents a great way of controlling the intake of co-products like MaxPro.

The success of Stephen’s feeding regime for his stud bulls tells with a top price of $30,000 at recent Brangus sale.