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FibreProWhat is FibrePro™?

FribrePro™ is a highly weatherproof protein, mineral and vitamin supplement for all classes of sheep.

FibrePro contains a slow release protein that simulates the effect that lupins or soybean meal have in the rumen. Additionally, FibrePro has trace minerals that are equally important for maintaining appetite.

Supplementing non-protein nitrogen (NPN) to livestock grazing mature pasture or crop has many benefits:

  • Rumen microbe activity is amplified assisting fermentation and digestions.
  • Plant digestibility increase up to 30%
  • Animal appetite is stimulated encouraging high intake of feed.
  • More energy is extracted from feed, assisting with growth, reproduction, lactation and meat and wool quality.
  • Pastures are grazed harder, ensuring a more efficient utilisation of pastures or stubbles.
  • A healthier rumen means vitamins and minerals are absorbed more efficiently from feed. 

The Secret to FibrePro

The secret to FibrePro™ is Biuret, a sustained release non-protein nitrogen.

Biuret is a poly-urea compound that breaks down slowly in the rumen.

Independent university trails show that Biuret breaks down in the rumen at similar rates to soybean meal.

The Biuret Advantage

FibrePro™ and its ingredients are more efficiently captured by rumen microbes; which means the rumen is working harder to digest forage.

FibrePro™ is part of the WeatherPro® range. WeatherPro® weatherised minerals provide significant advantages over powder type licks and blocks.

  • Larger particle size assists in shedding water.
  • Larger particles are heavy enough that wind does not blow away the expensive ingredients.
  • The formula has built in palatability so stock will take it.
  • It remains palatable after rain because of the unique water resistant coating on every particle.

Another advantage of including Biuret in the FibrePro™ products is that it has a sustained release rate, which prevents a build-up of ammonia in the blood and drastically reduces urea toxicity risk.