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What is Anipro?

So what makes Anipro® the world’s best protein supplement for grazing dairy cattle?
Easy, Cattle love it.

Anipro® is more than just a protein supplement; it’s also an appetite stimulant. The Molasses based liquid is packed full of goodies to make cattle hungry, and eat until the cows come home.

For every day a milking cow or growing heifer licks Anipro®, they are getting trace minerals, vitamins, a rumen activity booster and a unique blend of microbe friendly proteins. This combination of nutrients boosts appetite. If good feed is available, excellent production follows.

The RumaPro® Advantage.

Australia’s dairy heifers, dry and milking cows usually graze pastures that vary in quality. Taking out variation with a versatile protein supplement makes cattle management easy.

An Anipro® supplemented diet offers the benefit of RumaPro®. This slow-release nitrogen and calcium source promotes efficient microbial growth. University trials show that RumaPro® acts like lupins or soybean meal in the rumen. Grazing cattle supplemented with RumaPro®, compared to urea, convert feed into milk more efficiently.

Targeted Nutrition Delivery.

A true Supplement doesn’t reduce forage or intake – in fact it should make the cattle eat more. Controlling supplement intake is one of our specialties. Anipro’s recommended target intake of 125ml/100kg liveweight is not much. However, the proven technology of pH moderated bittering, ensure that cattle take what they need, no more and just as importantly, no less.

Our Service.

Anipro: the Precious Time Saver:

While Anipro is good for dairy cows, it is also great for dairy farmers. Time is a valuable and limited commodity of dairy farms. Anipro stops time. How? We do the Work!

Anipro® is delivered right to your heifer or dry cow paddock, by us. If you want Anipro® in the lane by the dairy, we can put it there too. Then, we work our magic on intake control. By matching Anipro® intake to the quality of the animal’s base diet, we can efficiently deliver the right amount of nutrients. Not too little and definitely not too much.

TimeWise Programs.

Part of a Range of Quality Products:

Anipro® is just 1 product in the range of nutrition supplement solutions for dairy cattle. Our TimeWise Heifer Development Program takes calves from weaned through to well grown and pregnant heifers.

Add MaxPro to Anipro® for extra energy; or add Restrict to your cereal grain for unmatched safety for rumen development.

Managing the transition Cow can be a headache. Our TimeWise Transition Program uses Anipro® for dry cow as an easy lead into PreLac in the springer paddock. This unparalleled program reduces the risk of milk fever and its associated diseases.

The Benefits of Anipro®.

Why Anipro® Makes Sense:

Dairy cows are bred to be stressed. The requirement to make huge quantities of milk adds significant demands on their body. Solid nutrition and careful management, from the day of birth, is needed to make their lives comfortable.

Anipro® is a hand-in-glove-fit for Dairy Cows.

The concentrated and palatable supplement supports an efficient rumen and the high nutrient turn-over from paddock to vat. Anipro® assists in the little things that make a big difference.

  • Vitamins and minerals for strong immunity, health hooves and trouble free calving.
  • Slow release protein for maximum rumen function and strong appetite.
  • Intake control for targeted nutrition when its needed.
  • Full service to give you more time for the things that matter to you.

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