Company Profile

Company Profile

Performance Feeds is the largest and most recognised supplier of liquid supplements to Australia’s feedlot and gazing sector.

Performance Feeds maintains a leading position in the country’s highly competitive liquid supplement market for grazing livestock.

Products are divided into two main programs:

Feedlot Program

Performance Feeds is a dedicated ruminant-only manufacturer of customised liquid supplements for feedlot and feedlot background applications. Using state of the art suspension technology, these products can be formulated to include a full array of protein, mineral, and vitamin combinations, along with additional metabolic components as designed by your nutritionist. 

Our custom blended formulas fill the nutritional gap, ensuring cattle are supplied with dietary essentials and can perform at their optimum level.

Rangeland Program

Efficiencies in the utilisation of pasture, labour and capital are pivotal to success in the modern beef enterprise. Using advanced ingredients, quality assured manufacturing and technical support. Performance Feeds has met the challenges as market leader in nutritional supplementation of livestock for nearly 20 years.

Underpinned by Australia’s largest network of distributors and service providers, Performance Feeds combines international expertise and regionally-based support to bring you practical, convenient and cost-effective supplementation solutions tailored to your specific needs.